The ultimate guide on how to build an LED system using HyperHDR (updated 2023 edition)

It's been almost 3 years since I started my first work on HyperHDR, mainly dissatisfied with the performance and quality of video processing in Hyperion NG, which greatly affected also the quality and latency of ambient lighting, starting as its fork. Users who have been with me since the beginning of HyperHDR probably remember the whole background story that also contributed to this step. Currently, judging by the significant new features introduced and their number in the last few versions, direction of their migration, the positions of both applications in role of fork have switched and Hyperion.NG can be now consider just as a fork of HyperHDR. As I develop HyperHDR with more and more help and user participation, I am not guided by any corporation or rigid framework, my ideas and improvements come from using my system almost daily and this is not limited to HyperHDR or even HDR processing itself, but also results in high-performance LED drivers such as HyperSerialESP32 / Hy

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