HyperHDR v18 release

After nearly a year of intensive development and testing, we are pleased to announce the latest stable version of HyperHDR v18. With the new functionalities introduced, we can safely say that no other software available for the most popular operating systems will provide you in this area with the same highest ambient lighting quality and performance using the popular USB grabbers for both HDR and SDR signal. This version also introduces a new unique functionality for the sk6812 RGBW LED strips, allowing it to be fully adapted to our expectations. Parallel to the development of HyperHDR, tests were carried out on devices that could be alternative platforms for the Rapsberry Pi in connection with global problems with their supply. The results turned out very well, especially in the case of the Amlogic s905x3, which you can read about in the previous blog posts. Of course you can use HyperHDR on Windows, Linux(x64/arm) or macOS as well and it's perfectly fine. New USB grabbers for u

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