Ezcap 331 short review & some info about HyperHDR

Short test of my new purchased Ezcap 331 and few words about HyperHDR. Current status is we are working on (and we've actually finished it) one important feature for Linux. It was not possible to develope it for previuos v17 and even now we had to work using some latest external libraries development version that aren't even present in the bleeding edge Linux distroes as packages. So we'll wait a bit for these libraries to enter the mainstream and in the meantime I'm planning to post update about my ambient light current setup and upgrades. Also I'm working on two new projects related to ambient lighting (one software and one hardware) and depending on the results I'll inform you about the progress on the blog.

So let's take a look on Ezcap 331 grabber. It's similar to MS2109 clone but it has a real USB3.0 interface.
It comes in nice metal case.

But the case of the the grabber is plastic, the vent holes are really small so the prognosis about temperature handling are bad.
Capturing resolution for USB3.0 (confirmed in Windows).
When connected to USB2.0 port (Windows) it offers following settings.

To my suprise it handles HDCP...but if you plan to use that grabber then probably you already have a HDMI splitter like Ezcoo EZ-SP12H2 (which I recommend by the way) that can remove HDCP on its own. So it's neutral for us anyway. For contrast: the lack of HDCP in Ezcap 320/321 makes the internal splitters useless for us when HDCP is must to be enabled (Netflix) and it need to be fixed with external HDMI splitter.

The lack of HDR support but we can enforce it with the HDMI splitter and use HyperHDR HDR tone mapping to fix colors.

Results for the v18beta latency test are similar for the rest of the Ezcap 320/321 familly:

Windows 1920x1080 60Hz
Video device: ezcap CAM LINK 4K
Video mode: 1280x720x60 NV12
Perfect minimal latency (related to FPS):: 16.67ms
Average measured latency:: 62.29ms
Average measured latency:: 61.76ms
Average measured latency:: 62.11ms
Average measured latency:: 62.33ms

Windows 1920x1080 120Hz
Video device: ezcap CAM LINK 4K
Video mode: 1280x720x60 NV12
Perfect minimal latency (related to FPS):: 16.67ms
Average measured latency:: 46.8ms
Average measured latency:: 48.76ms
Average measured latency:: 48.47ms
And now very bad news:

High temperature while working. I could measure it only inside HDMI port input without dissasembling the grabber and it's well above 50C (the ambient temperature was 23C). The temperature inside must be much higher. Through vent holes I can't see any internal radatior. That brings back the memory of UTVF007 grabbers that massively fried themself with time. So we can have metal case in which the product comes with and then we throw it away, but the rest is plastic and limiting its durability. Even cheap MS2109 is much better in that matter.

Support for Linux on Raspberry Pi 3 (USB2.0). Well, exactly NO support at all and that's the end of the story.


JN said…
is there a way to use ezcap331 in Linux(Ubuntu or other)
I could not find Firmware or Drivers
so If you have any information, please share

Best wishes
awawa said…
Theoretically, it's a UVC device, so it should be supported by kernel/v4l, but I couldn't get it to work when the grabber was connected to the usb2.0 port (only this is available on Rpi3) using Raspberry Pi OS but it was a long time ago so maybe some they fixed it. Try to connect it to usb3.0 if possible.